Missions Center

Mission Center

Our facilities are available for reservation for a variety of events: mission groups, receptions, conferences, workshops, weddings, baby showers, and more! Whether it’s an overnight stay or an hour-long event, FBC can probably help!
If you are interested in renting our facilities, please click on link below. Download and complete the form below and return it to our office. The form can be returned via email at office@fbcdelrio.com or faxed to the office at 830-775-8888.  Upon final approval, we will then contact you with necessary information. Please note that our facilities are used often, so it is important to reserve them in advance.


Mission Center Policies & Facility Reservation Form Revised June 2018


*We respectfully ask you to understand that we are not a hotel, we are a church. Therefore, sometimes circumstances may arise where we need to use the facilities for ministerial purposes, even at last-minute notice. That being said, we reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or reschedule facility usage to anyone at any time, even if prior reservations have been made.

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